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Several Surface Treatment Processes of Aluminum Plates
Date:Dec 30 2022 Viewed: 312

1. Roller coating

After the surface of the aluminum plate is degreased and chemically treated, it is rolled with high-quality paint and dried and cured. The flatness of the paint film on the surface of the roller coated board is higher than that of the sprayed board. The color is divided into pearlescent and matte, and the most common ones on the market are pearlescent. Its quotation is higher than that of spraying. The biggest feature of the roller coating board is that the color simulation is extremely high; the quality of the roller coating technology varies greatly, not only related to all materials, but also related to how many times it is painted.

2. Anodizing

Anodized aluminum curtain wall has nearly 20 years of successful application experience in western countries. In recent years, as an emerging curtain wall material, anodized aluminum veneer has become popular in the domestic curtain wall industry.

3. Spraying technology

It is formed by spraying colorful paint on the surface of the aluminum plate and then drying it. The color of a good spray-painted board is evenly distributed, and the color of a poor board can be seen in waves when viewed from the side. The sprayed board must be dried so that the paint film is strong. This technical board is basically not used for home decoration at present, and most of it is used in large-scale factory decoration. Because the relative quotation is very cheap, there are still many manufacturers using low prices to attract consumers.

4. Metal wire drawing technology

This is a newly introduced surface treatment technology. It is made of aluminum plate as the base material, diamond cloth wheel surface drawing, and various chemical treatments such as pressing and rolling. The appearance is bright and uniform in color, with a strong sense of fashion, giving people a strong visual impact.

5. Laminating technology

High-gloss film or phantom film is selected, and the board surface is coated with professional adhesive and compounded. The laminated board has bright luster, and there are many varieties of designs and colors to choose from. It is waterproof and fireproof, has excellent durability (weather resistance, corrosion resistance, chemical resistance) and anti-fouling performance, and has excellent anti-ultraviolet performance.

In the era of diversification, we should rationally choose the surface treatment of the curtain wall aluminum panel that suits us, so as to achieve the effect we need.

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