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What is the difference between aluminum plate and aluminum veneer
Date:Jan 12 2023 Viewed: 328

1.The concepts of the two are different. When choosing an aluminum plate, the machine cuts the aluminum alloy material into a cross-section through pressure, and turns it into a rectangular material with uniform thickness. Although the aluminum veneer is also an aluminum alloy sheet, it is made by multiple processes such as sheet metal processing and paint spraying. It is a new type of building material.


2.The process is also different. According to its production method, the aluminum plate has pure aluminum plate and alloy, including patterned aluminum plate and so on. After the aluminum veneer is processed, coupled with spraying technology, it can form a decorative material.


3.The specifications are also different, mainly in their thickness, width and length. Generally speaking, the thickness of aluminum plates has a large range, the smallest is 0.2 mm, the largest is 500 mm, and the length is basically within 16 meters. . The thickness range of the aluminum veneer is smaller, basically between 1.5 mm and 4 mm, and the length is controlled within 4 meters.


4.The uses are also different. Aluminum plates are widely used. For example, they can be used as the ceiling of the ceiling. In addition, the curtain walls of buildings can also be used. Aluminum plates are also found in household appliances. The scope of application of aluminum veneer is relatively limited, generally speaking, it is used for indoor ceiling.

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