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What is the quality of aluminum plate coating related to?
Date:Jul 26 2022 Viewed: 459

The application of aluminum plate in our life is also increasing, and if you are a friend who knows aluminum plate, you should know that aluminum plate has its own professional terms. Today, aluminum plate manufacturers will bring you to understand the professional terms of aluminum plate. Knowledge, let's take a look.

Electrochemical oxidation: The chemical oxidation treatment equipment of aluminum and aluminum alloys is simple, easy to operate, high production efficiency, does not consume electricity, has a wide range of applications, and is not limited by the size and shape of parts. The thickness of the oxide film is about 5 to 20 microns (the thickness of the hard anodized film can reach 60 to 200 microns). It has high hardness, good heat resistance and insulation, and its corrosion resistance is higher than that of chemical oxide films. good adsorption capacity.

Spraying: used for external protection and decoration of equipment, usually on the basis of oxidation. Aluminum parts should be pre-treated before painting to make the coating and workpiece firmly bonded. Generally, there are three methods: 1. Phosphating (phosphate method) 2. Chromizing (chromium-free chrome) 3. Chemical oxidation.

Passivation is a method that converts the metal surface into a state that is not easily oxidized and delays the corrosion rate of the metal.

An active metal or alloy in which the chemical activity is greatly reduced and becomes a noble metal state is called passivation.

Sandblasting is mainly used for surface cleaning. Sandblasting before coating (painting or plastic spraying) can increase the surface roughness and contribute to the improvement of adhesion. The aluminum plate manufacturer said that the contribution is limited, and it is not as good as chemical coating pretreatment.

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