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How to maintain the mirror aluminum plate?
Date:Jul 26 2022 Viewed: 284

Mirror aluminum plate, as the name suggests, is an aluminum plate made of mirror aluminum as a raw material. Because the mirror aluminum plate uses mirror aluminum as the raw material, the surface of the aluminum plate also has the characteristics of mirror aluminum, which is flat and bright.

Mirror aluminum plate is widely used in daily life. The interior and exterior decoration of buildings, housings of household appliances or digital products, kitchen utensils used to make delicious dishes, and even small logos, signs or exquisite jewelry boxes can all be seen in mirrored aluminum panels. Mirror aluminum plate also has the unique advantages of light weight, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, not easy to rust, and easy to make. Although the mirror aluminum plate has many advantages, we still need to use the correct maintenance method to achieve good use effect. Below, the editor will briefly introduce the maintenance of the mirror aluminum plate for you.

Let's first introduce the correct cleaning method of mirror aluminum plate. Due to its corrosion resistance, mirror aluminum is very easy to clean.

1. We can use a large amount of water to directly rinse the surface of the mirror aluminum plate.

2. After the dirt on the surface is basically rinsed, use detergent again, focusing on cleaning the places with more serious dirt.

3. Rinse off the detergent attached to the mirror aluminum surface with plenty of water. After such cleaning, the mirror-finished aluminum products will look brand new.

Although the cleaning method of mirror aluminum plate is simple, there are two problems that need to be paid attention to:

1. Do not clean when the surface temperature of the mirror aluminum plate is overheated. This temperature limit is about forty degrees Celsius.

2. Use mild detergents. It is strictly forbidden to use strong alkaline detergents such as sodium hydroxide or potassium hydroxide.

Aluminum products are widely used in our lives, and the chemical substances are extremely stable and not easy to be corroded, so many users who use aluminum plate materials will ignore the maintenance of aluminum plates, causing damage to the aluminum plates. Its chemical substances are relatively stable, and under long-term corrosion, the service life of the aluminum plate will also be affected. Especially in the aspect of mirror aluminum plate, because the surface is relatively smooth and beautiful, once it is scratched, it will affect the aesthetic effect of the aluminum plate, which requires us to pay special attention to the maintenance of the aluminum plate in our life.

1. Generally, the mirror aluminum plate will be used in the home improvement process, such as the windows of the room, etc. During the home improvement process, special attention should be paid to the protective film of the mirror aluminum plate cannot be torn off prematurely. Because of the fear of scratching the mirrored aluminum plate, the product generally has its own protective film. In the process of home decoration, it is recommended that users do not tear it off prematurely to prevent damage to the surface of the mirror aluminum plate during the decoration process and affect the appearance.

2. Some mirror aluminum panels are installed in special places, such as toilets and other long-term contact with water, and the surface will adhere to fog for a long time, which requires us to frequently wipe the surface of the mirror aluminum panels to prevent the aluminum panels from occurring under the action of long-term fog. corrosion, etc. However, it should be noted that the surface of the aluminum plate must be wiped with a relatively soft cloth, so that the surface of the aluminum plate will not be scratched.

3. In addition, when using mirror-finished aluminum sheet products, you can also go to a special place to buy cleaners, maintenance agents, etc., and regularly maintain your own products, which can prolong the service life of mirror-finished aluminum sheet products as much as possible. Save yourself money.

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