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Five common surface treatment methods for aluminum sheets
Date:Dec 09 2022 Viewed: 385

Aluminum plates are widely used in daily decoration. Here are some common surface treatment methods for aluminum plates.

1. Electrophoretic painting

The working principle of the electrostatic powder spraying method is almost the same as that of the general liquid paint electrostatic spraying method, the difference is that the powder spraying is dispersed rather than atomized. It is a paint sprayed by an electrostatic powder spray gun. While dispersing, the powder particles are negatively charged. The charged powder particles are subjected to the action of airflow (or other forces such as centrifugal force) and electrostatic attraction, and are applied to the grounded surface. On the object, it is heated to melt and solidify to form a film. Electrostatic powder spraying method is the dominant powder coating method in the field of industrial coating


2. Powder electrostatic spraying

The main feature is to enhance the corrosion resistance of the aluminum plate. For some acid-base salts, this aluminum plate is better than the oxidized and colored profiles.

Electrostatic spraying uses the principle of high-voltage electrostatic corona electric field. The metal diversion cup on the spray gun head is connected to a high-voltage negative charge, and the workpiece to be coated is grounded to form a positive electrode. A strong electrostatic field is formed between the spray gun and the workpiece. When the carrier gas (compressed air) sends the powder coating from the powder supply barrel to the diversion cup of the spray gun through the powder delivery pipe, dense charges are generated around it, and the powder is negatively charged. Under the action of electrostatic force and compressed air, The powder is evenly adsorbed on the workpiece, and after heating, the powder is melted and solidified (or plasticized) to form a uniform, continuous, flat and smooth coating film.


3. Frosted fabric

The patterned aluminum plate itself is very bright, but in our life, in a certain environment, there will be interference bright spots. The use of frosting can overcome this shortcoming very well. Its surface is silky and smooth, and has been received by many people like.


4. Multi-tone surface treatment

The previous traditional color aluminum plate can no longer meet the needs of some designers. In order to make the aluminum plate better cooperate with each other, various color treatments have appeared to make the color of the aluminum plate more perfect. The most important point is that all It needs to be treated after polishing and oxidation, and the effect is the best.


5. Plasma-enhanced electrochemical surface ceramization

This is the advanced science and technology used. The quality of the aluminum plate after this treatment is excellent. Although the cost is relatively high, you get what you pay for. The most important thing is that this aluminum plate can also carry out a series of color registration.

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