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Why are aluminum coils gradually replacing other metal materials?
Date:Mar 09 2023 Viewed: 658

In recent years, compared with traditional metals, due to the obvious advantages of aluminum coils, at the same time, with the increase in the output of aluminum coils and the continuous decline in prices, aluminum coils have gradually replaced traditional metal materials such as iron sheets and zinc sheets, and have become insulation materials. , The first choice for anti-corrosion engineering. Next, let us elaborate on the advantages of aluminum coils:

Compared with traditional insulation materials such as iron and zinc, aluminum coils have the following advantages:


1. The aluminum coil is beautiful and generous. Corporate image is very important to modern enterprises. However, once the traditional thermal insulation materials such as iron and zinc are oxidized, the color will become dull. After corrosion and rust, the appearance will be even more ugly, which will affect the image of the enterprise; while the aluminum coil is bright in color, corrosion-resistant, rust-free, and not easy to damage. Oxidation, beautiful and generous after construction, has become the landscape of the enterprise and is deeply loved by the enterprise.


2. Aluminum coils can be recycled, with a high rate of value preservation. After the insulation materials such as iron and zinc are corroded and rusted, they almost lose the value of recycling. The rate is high, and by recycling waste aluminum, 60%-70% of the cost can be recovered, which virtually creates huge economic value for the enterprise.


3. The aluminum coil has a long service life. Equipment that requires heat preservation and anti-corrosion treatment generally has a harsh working environment, and humidity, corrosion, and exposure to the sun are commonplace. Metal materials such as iron and zinc are not resistant to corrosion and are prone to rust. Under harsh conditions, they will be completely corroded within a few years. In the past, every few years, enterprises had to carry out insulation construction again, which was a huge waste of manpower and material resources. However, aluminum coils do not rust, and their corrosion resistance is much higher than that of iron and zinc. Enterprises often only need one construction, and they can sit back and relax, saving time and effort.

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